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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

Wanna Dump Beer? 5 Cubs That Should Get It


I wrote that the Cubs fan’s dumping of beer on Shane Victorino was misplaced anger. They should be dumping it on their own players. Here are 5 that deserve the beer bath. (Aside: no player deserves beer dumped on them. Speaking metaphorically here)

Carlos Marmol: You have to believe that Marmol is creeping much closer to the lead in the ‘Worst Cub of the Year’ poll. He’s walked 52 in 54 IP, and it has driven most Cubs fan completely batty.

Kevin Gregg: Gregg is a closer without closer stuff. It’s obvious he is better suited to a set-up role, but nobody thought he would be this inept. He’s given up 11 homers, blown 5 saves and has 4 losses. And beyond numbers the team’s psyche when he enters the game must be a wreck.

Milton Bradley: Don’t tell me how he’s coming around. The truth is that the Cubs would have been better off with a combo of Fox and Hoffpauir, at least until now. When ARam went down he was supposed to step up and carry the Cubs. He didn’t and his numbers stink to boot.

Aaron Heilman: One of the most aggravating pitchers to watch. Is he afraid to throw strikes, or just unable?

Alfonso Soriano: Still struggling to keep OBP above .300. This year his OPS is down 100 points from his career average. And he makes all kinds of mental mistakes and defensive gaffes.

  • http://notqualifiedtocomment.com Stormin Norman

    Congratulations on being able to make this list, I couldn’t have chosen 5 out of the 25 I would like to throw beer at. I’d douse the whole roster.

  • dhaab

    Fontenot yet again escapes another Cub fans scorn. Is it because he doesn’t make much money?

    I like the list, though. Marmol was throwing strikes for a few weeks recently, but that obviously didn’t last very long. I really like him as a competitor and his stuff is nasty, but the guy just has too many moving parts in that pitching motion of his.

  • http://www.sharapovasthigh.com Matt Clapp

    Eh, they wouldn’t be better off with Fox and Hoffpauir in right. Fox has hit the ball well(although not of late), but putting him in right field everyday would be a mess. And Hoff’s been absolutely terrible since April(.218 hitter with just 9 walks). Bradley’s at least gotten on base all year and is a better defensive right fielder than either of them.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    You feel me though.

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