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Saturday, August 18th, 2018

Wanted: For Killing Your Fantasy Football Team


fantasy-footballTo the delight of my friends and fellow co-owners, I’m having the worst year in my fantasy football history. If you have these guys on your team, chances are you are too. In no particular order…

greg-jenningsGreg Jennings

I thought Jennings would be one of the top receivers in the league this year. He’s not even the top receiver on his own team, letting 53-year old Donald Driver take that crown. I expected at least 10 TDs if not more, plus 1200 yards. Jennings is 25th in the league in receiving yards and has all of 2 TD catches. As if I didn’t hate the Packers enough…

jacobsBrandon Jacobs

Jacobs recently made my 8 Players That Should Retire list and now he ends up here too. Owners expected fantasy studliness to the tune of about 15 TDs and around 1200 yards rushing. Jacobs has scored just 2 TDs, probably the most mind-boggling stat of the year. That puts him in a tie for…wait for it…33rd in the league for rushing scores. His teammate Ahmad Bradshaw has more scores and a better YPG.

CasselMatt Cassel

Drinking the Pats Kool-Aid were you? Cassel has been completely underwhelming in his first season as a Chief. He barely cracks the top 50 in fantasy points, and is owned in only 49% of Yahoo! leagues. He might not even get to 3000 yards passing or 20 TDs. Mark Sanchez would have been a better pick.

Jay Cutler= Sad PumpkinJay Cutler

Speaking of picks…Jay Cutler is actually where a lot people had him ranked: right around 12th in QB fantasy points. But 17 picks through 9 games? That’s insane. Imagine if just a handful of those weren’t picked. Then imagine if instead a few went for TDs. Now imagine he’s white. Well that last part was from “A Time to Kill”. But you know.

The playmaker the Bears need is availableAnquan Boldin

Boldin has fought through some injuries and missed one game. But you didn’t think he’d have just one TD at this point of the season and you didn’t think you’d be better off with Steve Breaston.

LTLaDainian Tomlinson

Tomlinson has missed some games. So? The old LT would still be top 10 in fantasy points. Not the 2009 LT. He can barely crack top 30. 3.3 yards per carry? Only 385 yards? Who does he think he is, Bears Cedric Benson?


Clinton Portis

Like Tomlinson, Portis has also battled injuries and missed a game. Portis has just one 100-yard game and just 1 rushing TD. He also has hauled in all of 9 passes for 57 yards. What happened to the 35-40 catches a year? Saddest of all is that Portis may not even break 1000 yards rushing this year, a feat he has accomplished in every season of his career, save for the year he played in only 8 games.

darren-mcfaddenDarren McFadden

McFadden has been out with injuries. But before that he basically was a benching waiting to happen. I think Tom Cable was going to punch him. I know I want to. Before Adrian Peterson came along there was McFadden. A big, strong, fast back that was going to run through the NFL. He had his chance this year and didn’t get it done. Millions of owners who drafted him as a sleeper were Cabling themselves.

Any to add to the list? Leave them in the comments.

  • http://www.docksquadsports.com docksquad

    hha nice list
    jennings and boldin are killin me!

  • Tyrone Biggums

    How is Steve Slaton not on this list? The guy was a 1st round pick in over half of leagues (unquestionably taken in the 2nd round in remaining leagues), and lost his starting job in Week 7.

  • Jard

    Brian Westbrook has been absolutely worthless. Now he’s hurt and oddly I expect his productivity to stay pretty much the same. And I totally concur with Greg Jennings.

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  • http://www.fantasylion.com John

    I agree about Westbrook, the dude has been a complete headache. He’s one of my all time favorite players but I regret picking him this year because he hasn’t warranted a 2nd round pick where I selected him. I handcuffed him to McCoy but there’s been 3 games this year where Westbrook didn’t finished which screwed me. Other early round (rounds 1-5) picks that killed me; Reggie Bush, Eddie Royal, Steve Smith Carolina, Braylon Edwards, Lavernaues Coles, and Jason Witten. Damn some of those look down right foolish now.


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  • yo



  • PB

    Dude, I have to agree with the above poster about Forte. He was listed as a top 5 back in most FFL drafts, and has been awful. Thankfully I don’t have him. Jones-Drew has been the man this year! FIRE D.R. MANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  • http://www.cooperspick.com Coopers Sports Picks

    there are always the consistent dissapointments year in and year out and suprises LT not that long ago but it seems favre and manning is always a solid approach with high probability.

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