Thursday, October 8th, 2015

We Are LeBron [Video]


I hope these Clevelanders were paid gobs of money to do this. Otherwise there is no logical reason for this shamefulness. This borders on creepy, not funny. We’re not laughing with you; we’re laughing and cringing at you.

If you know any of these people, please slap them.

h/t: Ted Williams Head

  • Bob

    LOL at all the losers

  • JoeMoe

    This is the best Cleveland could get? I would say 80% of those people were either local TV/Radio personalities or local politicians. Welcome to New York Lebron!

  • LebronTheKing

    You guys are all haters! A source close to Lebron said he won’t go against any advice from WJW weatherman Dick Goddard and Norton furniture pitchman Marc Brown. Think about it, it makes sense!

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