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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018



Corky Simpson–the scribe who did not cast a vote for Rickey Henderson–is apologizing because he ‘simply goofed’.

Green Valley News staff sportswriter Nick Prevenas said he warned Simpson about leaving Henderson off his ballot when he filed the column, but that Simpson told him he “wasn’t a Rickey guy and that he would vote for him next time.”

Hubris. So Simpson obviously judged Henderson by his personal feelings, not by his accomplishments. Then, he fires off a lame diversion to try and make himself not look so bad.

“I had no idea my ballot would cause such an uproar. I‘ll bet it was worse than when 98 people failed to vote for Catfish Hunter some 22 years ago. The blogosphere would have exploded if it had been around when 43 people failed to vote for Mickey Mantle, 23 for Willie Mays, 36 for Jackie Robinson, nine for Hank Aaron, 31 for Roberto Clemente, 57 for Yogi Berra, 23 for Stan Musial, 20 for Ted Williams and 28 for Joe DiMaggio.”

I don’t disagree. It would have. And since you obviously know that, you chose to do the same as those voters? Odd.

“If I had properly researched the situation, I would have voted for Rickey Henderson if for no other reason than he played for nine ball teams. Imagine that. He’ll be the first Hall of Famer to have a bronze bust with nine caps stacked on his head. Seriously, he was a wonderful player and I simply goofed. I voted for eight deserving men. I could have picked two more — and I wish to heck I had.”

So you did enough research on how many ballots were not cast for Catfish Hunter and other Hall of Famers, but you didn’t decide to look up Rickey’s career stats before casting your vote? You just vote for whoever strikes you as deserving? That’s all garbage. So is your apology.

If you want to make an apology, apologize for being lazy and for being selfish. Don’t apologize for your ‘goof’, which simply implies that you made a mistake. Your words indicate this is not the case. You knew exactly what you were doing and why you were doing it.

How about you hand in your card and we call it even?

  • http://sharapovasthigh.blogspot.com Matt

    I can’t even begin to say how much this sort of stuff pisses me off. Hubris indeed. These guys need to get off their high horse.

  • http://neswsports.com ethanator1088

    First I think it is wise to note that it is standard procedure to not vote a guy unanimous in 1st ballot. Isn’t it?

    Secondly the guy said that he would vote for him next time? Hello. Did he think that Henderson was not going to get in?

  • HeyBuddy

    How is it “standard procedure” to not vote a guy unanimous in the 1st ballot? For it to be a procedure would require all the voters to collaborate and make sure that not everyone votes for a given candidate. Which obviously doesn’t happen… It’s just that there are always a few goofs who don’t vote for someone who obviously deserves to be in either because they let their personal feelings about a player get in the way or because they get caught up in this garbage about whether or not someone deserves to be a “first ballot” HOFer. If you think a player deserves to be enshrined, you vote for him. It’s very simple.

    And any adult who willingly goes by “Corky,” I have questions about anyway.

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