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Saturday, May 26th, 2018



What in the world happened to the Chicago Bulls? If the season ended today, the Bulls would have the #3 seed in the East. As in 3rd worst team in the conference. Only the Heat and the Other Bulls (Knicks) have worse records.

Crazy things can happen after you turn down a guaranteed $50 million contract. Or you’re picked to win the conference. Muscles once slack turn tense. Eyes that saw a big hoop now see a thimble-sized opening. Nerves that were spirited by playing for a championship are instead rubbed raw by the need to post numbers–considerable ones.

Disagree if you like. But when Deng and Gordon failed to come to terms on extensions, it was the first sign that trouble was brewing. And it has been all down hill from there.

The numbers may not be substantially off, but they are down for Deng & Gordon. Any Bulls fan will tell you these two players hardly resemble the ones we watched last year. We won’t even broach the subject of Kirk Hinrich. Tyrus Thomas is averaging all of 16 minutes per game. Ben Wallace is only Ben Wallace part-time. Chris Duhon, while a fine player to have on your team, cannot be counted on to be a starter. He is on this club. The first round pick from this year is disrespectful and can’t remember plays. The coach that brought it all together was tuned out and then tossed out. The brilliant GM now has a legion of doubters.

There won’t be any all-stars from this team. There won’t be any playoffs. There won’t be any postseason accolades. The rest of the coaching staff will be released. 2007-2008 is the end of Paxson Era: Part I. With the exception of this year, it’s been a pleasure. Part II could begin as soon as the first trade is made. February 21 is the trade deadline. I hope he is as ready and eager to start it as Bulls fans are.

  • PB

    That is one messed up team. What is it with Chicago teams doing well one year, and free-falling into suckiness the next? Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s teriffic! FIRE MILLEN MANG!

  • Joe LoCascio

    Time to hit up the ESPN Trade Machine. I said I looked forward to seeing Noah play. In a Timberwolve uniform. Pax should have traded for KG. Trade Gordon to Golden State so he can bomb threes and make dumb turnovers all night. Trade Ben Wallace to, well, just trade him. He hasn’t impressed me. No way I offer Gordon max money. Luol might smarten up and take his 57 mil for 6 years. I would keep him then. “With the tenth pick in the 2008 draft…..”

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