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Monday, June 18th, 2018



Here’s what they are writing about Dusty’s glorious return to the bench:

Bugs & Cranks:

As a public service to the fine residents of Cincinnati, here’s a few quick suggestions on how to prepare for Dusty Baker.

  • Buy stock in toothpicks.
  • Trade Adam Dunn…y’know since “walks clog the bases”
  • Trade Homer Bailey. Get some value for him before he starts throwing 130 pitches a game. The Cubs yearn for the much discussed Mark Prior trades of 2004.
  • Of course, make a locker for Neifi Perez, because he’s coming to town next season.
  • Cancel all post game press conferences. Trust me, your sanity is worth it.
  • Change the listed age of all young players, Keppinger, Encarcancion, Votto, etc. to at least 30. Otherwise, they’ll never see the field.

Z: That’s awesome. And from Home Run Derby:

Baker seems to succeed in situations where he doesn’t have to manage a baseball game.

  • He relies too much on veteran players repeating their past successes (that’ll be Griffey in 2008), often to the detriment of younger players who need the experience.
  • He overtaxes his starting pitchers (Homer Bailey, meet Dr. Jobe) and will often replace them one batter too late.
  • Or he pulls a pitcher too soon to employ the double-switch.
  • His teams often employ a “swing-first-ask-questions-later” mentality at the plate (Adam Dunn will love it).
  • His teams are often lacking in baseball fundamentals.

Z says: The Dunn comment is a bit off because he draws walks, but can you argue with any of the rest of it? More after the jump…

Bleacher Report says:

Many detractors have brought up Baker’s stubborn loyalty to veterans over youngsters that may be better and his seeming inability to manage a pitching staff.

Still, everywhere he has been, Dusty Baker has been a winner, and he has done it the right way.

Z asks: What might the “right way” entail?

Sabernomics says:

The Cincinnati Reds just signed Dusty Baker to a three-year contract worth $3.5 million per year. Why do this? The mean and median manager salaries in 2007 were $1.45 million and $940,000. Yes, Dusty Baker has a lot of managerial experience, and because his broadcast position is opportunity cost is higher than some other managers. However, I don’t see why the Reds would fork out this money for a manager. Is this the main problem? Both the hitting and pitching are below league average when controlling for the ballpark. I would think the team could use is resources in a better way and just hire an unproven bench coach for less.

Z asks: Is Dusty worth, say $2.5 million more than Pete Mackanin?

  • http://allonthefield.blogspot.com Kevin

    Despite all the detractors, if I’m a Reds fan I’m happy Dusty is in town. He’s generally regarded as a players’ manager, and that franchise needs any help it can get in attracting talent. And what’s more, Baker is a guy that has seen success and been very, very close to a World Series victory, which is much more than can be said for anyone else that’s managed Cincinnati in a while.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Those are solid points. And he may very well win there. But what we saw here in Chicago is that he is maybe too much of a players’ manager.

    He also does some things that are contrary to say, Baseball 101. I found it very odd because he is a baseball lifer. He bunts very early in games, loves him those double-switches, and worst of all was all of the mental mistakes with no reprisals.

    The difference between how Guillen ran his ballclub on the south side and how Dusty did on the North was vast.

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