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Monday, June 18th, 2018



Phil Rogers writes a column about teams rarely being able to purchase championships. I don’t disagree. But he took the time to dump on ARod (how novel) and Mark Teixeira. Mark Teixeira?

Rodriguez (especially) and Teixeira seem to want it both ways. The skills that put them in the middle of the lineup, as well as their paychecks, suggest they should be leaders, but they never have led their franchises. Rodriguez seems to want to be Jeter—a regular guy who drives in runs as he helps little old ladies across the street—and Teixeira seemingly just wants to be left alone.

Imagine the contract Teixeira would have gotten if he ever had done anything except put up stats. After all, this is a star who in his first six seasons never has been higher than seventh in MVP voting.

Teixeira is by most accounts a gentleman, a fine person and certainly one of the best sluggers–and the most consistent–in the game. The 2nd paragraph from Rogers is just nonsense. The same people who don’t vote players into the hall on the first ballot–the same people who put Albert Pujols 7th on their MVP ballots this year–are the ones that haven’t voted Teixeira higher for MVP. So what? Talk about a reach. Is Rogers a closet Red Sox fan?

Is it Teixeira’s fault he played on subpar Rangers teams for most of his career? He had one chance to play in the postseason and he went 7-15. He’s an outstanding first baseman. He’s the model of consistency. If anyone should get a deal that big it’s Teixeira. Would Rogers have ripped on Billy Williams? Because Teixeira is a modern day Billy Williams, but with a better glove.

Teixeira is hardly the type of person or player that should be on the receiving end of scorn. He should be celebrated, even if he did go to the Evil Empire.

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  • dhaab

    Agreed. I’ve never been a fan of Rogers.

    On a side note, this Teixeira deal makes Pujols contract look like child’s play. I can’t wait to see how much AP pulls in on his next deal. WOW.

  • http://mysportsrumors.com Paul

    Sounds like he’s jealous that Tex isn’t a Cubbie. Nice one thou bud, everyone knows MVP balloting is a complete crock.

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