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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



Kellen Winslow is at it again, in word and in deed.

Apparently Winslow decided to go surfing during Pro Bowl week down in Hawaii. Which is pretty bright for a guy who has already suffered numerous injuries in his short career.

Then he also thought it time to ask for a new deal.

“When I got hurt (in 2005) the contract got renegotiated so some things changed but I think I’ve proven these past two years that I’m one of the elite tight ends,” Winslow said from the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. “My value on the field, they put in a nickel (coverage), an extra DB in the game, and that really changes the whole game. They have to guard me kind of like a wide receiver so, you know, yeah, gotta to get that new money. (laughs)”

Hahahahaha. I suppose that’s the gratitude for the Browns not terming his contract when he crashed his bike. Great guy. They could have literally recouped millions of dollars from him but chose to offer him a restructured deal. With the Browns needing to resign Derek Anderson and Jamal Lewis, and add to a porous defense, now is not exactly the best time to ask for more money and a renegotiation of a deal that runs through 2010. Winslow also has incentives built into this deal. So play well, earn more and get a new deal in 2010. If I’m the Browns I tell him thanks but no thanks. They’ve already done him one BIG solid and he isn’t exactly known for staying on the field. Plus he has a deal through 2010.

He’s also deluded. Asked about Josh Cribbs, the Browns kick returner: “He’s the best return guy I’ve ever seen,” Winslow said. Um, what about Devin Hester? “Josh is just reckless. He goes in the hole, breaks so many tackles. Yeah, I have to say he’s better — and I’ve seen a lot of them.”

His agent? Drew Rosenhaus.

  • dhaab

    Well, say what you want about him as person, but he’s easily one of the top 3 tight ends in football now.

    Is this more about him dissing your beloved Hester?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Honestly, I don’t know if he is. Skill-wise he probably is. And maybe it’s the team he plays on. But there are TEs who produce more than he does.

    Antonio Gates
    Jason Witten
    Tony Gonzalez
    Dallas Clark

    All had more production than Winslow last season–his career best to date.

    It has nothing to do with what he said about Hester.

  • dhaab

    At this point in their careers, I think he’s better than Gonzalez (old) and Clark (average speed) and probably even Witten. But I agree that he seems to be an “it’s all about me” kind of player.

  • PB

    dhaab cites TG’s age as a negative? Give me a break. TG and Winslow had identical stats this season. TG did it with sub-par passers. When Winslow makes eight straight Pro Bowls then I’ll be a believer. Until then, not so much. FIRE MILLEN MANG!

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