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Friday, June 22nd, 2018



Hey! Gene Wodfokfsdjojaszsxki is back at it! Let’s rip the Bears for making the NFC Championship game!

Nope, no column ripping Peyton Manning and his Eli-like performances the last few weeks. No ripping on Brian Billick or Steve McNair for failing to capitalize on home-field advantage or run through a porous Colts’ D. No ripping on everyone’s flavor of the day–the Chargers–for absolutely blowing it against the Pats.

No sir, none of that. Just more ripping on the Bears. And they really suck. Let’s face it. You have to be really lucky to host the NFC Championship game. Because 30 or so other teams also get to…wait. The Bears are only one of two teams to host a conference championship game? Oh. Gene Wodssdgklzdski must be a bit askew.

Gene Wojihsdmljpdski has a lot of problems with these Bears. Ya know, they barely won against the Seahawks, they have too many turnovers and doggone it, they start the wrong running back. Cuz it’s so important which running back starts. Like in New England where the one back plays all the…oh. Never mind on that one.

Gene Wojdfghizasdfski is something called the “Senior National Columinst” for Espn.com. But lately he seems stuck in one region degrading the Bears’ accomplishments. He used to work in this town and maybe he can’t get past SB XX. And maybe if we can’t win a Super Bowl like we did in SB XX, then apparently it’s just not worth it to him. Is it “Just Win, Baby”, or “Just Win and Make Sure You Nail the Style Points”. I can’t remember.

But I do remember the words of Da Coach. He said “People who live in the past are cowards and losers.” So are writers that continually harp on teams that are one game away from the Super Bowl. Like Gene Wodffjgndnkski. And if style points are so important, then how do you explain this photo?

Or this:

Hmmm. Gene Woliksjhdjnmski needs to understand that winning ugly matters not. Ask Al Pujols and the Cards. Or the Miami Heat. Or hopefully, this year’s Bears. But even if they lose on Sunday they will still have had an outstanding season and they are primed to make such runs for the next few years. And if they do lose we’ll be looking for Gene Wofdkhjksioski’s “I told you so and I am a senior national columnist” column.

That Gene Wopdsjlkhjloski. He’s nutty.

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  • http://www.brssports.blogspot.com WBRS Sports Blog

    How surprising is it that the Bears def failed, not the offense.

  • Gene Wojciechowski

    Come on mang! Don’t hate the playa, hate the game! I rip on the Bears because I can mang! But you know what I really hate? MILLEN! FIRE HIM MANG! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Is that Gene or Scoop Jackson?

  • dhaab

    Looks like Gene pretty much knew what he was talking about concerning this Bears team. They turned into crap pretty darn quickly.

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