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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018



So Al Davis finally cans Lane Kiffin and says it’s for cause so he doesn’t have to pay him. He said that when he told Kiffin he was fired, the first question he asked was “Are you gonna pay me?”. I think it’s a fair question considering what he did to Shanahan.

I think the bigger question is whether or not the Raiders are the worst organization in the NFL.

From 2003-2007 the Raiders were 19-61. Even the Lions were 26-54 in that time span. And their drafts have been pretty awful too.

Davis spoke of his confidence that the Raiders will win. But first they might want to aim for “Just Don’t Be So Awful, Baby.”

Here’s video of Davis’ press conference and Kiffin’s response.

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  • http://www.tonysmontanaland.com Tony and Trinity Montana225

    Sorry Zoner,

    RIGHT NOW,HANDS DOWN IT’STHE RAMS!!!PART2:HASLETT’S BACK! Now historically IT’S THE saints!!! Let’s see,owners who only give a damn about zeroes at the end of their bank account, stiffing and attempting to rape the state fiancially,drafting arena league players,castoffs from other teams,and street performers. not to mention paying 122 MILLION TO DEF. ENDS WHO DO THE EXACT SAME THING,Jason Craft,Fred Thomas,etc.and other 5′nothing,150 lb corners who can’t cover or tackle My Aunt Bern(who’s maybe 86!!!lol)! Hell, i didn’t even mention D.C. GARY GIBBS! He must have done something right in a past life cuz he defenses HAVE ALWAYS SUCKED!!!,IN DENVER AND HERE!!! Remember,HE WAS PROTECTED BY JOHN ELWAY AND SHANAHAN’S RUNNING GAME! When elway retired,”HOW LONG DID GIBBS LAST?” The point is from haslett to gibbs,”NOT SUPER BOWL MATERIAL,PERIOD;Man,IF E-V-E-R!!!!! Paul Tags SHOULD INVESTIGATE THE saints NET WORTH AND PAY Tom Benson TO GET THE HELL OUT OF THE LEAGUE AND PROTECT IT’S INTEGRITY!!!! That way Tom can go to San Antonio OR HELL,EITHER WAY ,IT WORKS OUT FOR THE STATE OF LOUISIANA
    Tony AND Trinity Montana225!!!!!

  • dhaab

    Yeah, the Rams are probably the worst organization right now.
    They have a lame duck owner who is probably looking to sell and he’s still stuck with some awful executives in charge of football operations who his late mother hired and he’s sensitive to firing so quickly. Unfortunately for fans like me, they won’t start getting better until the whole thing is blown up and re-started.

    But you’re right that the Raiders are awful as well. The Kiffin firing was a fiasco. At least the Rams have an owner with morals.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Well at least the Rams won a Super Bowl this decade. The Raiders haven’t won the big game since…1984. Whoa. And they were embarrassed by the Bucs 48-21 in their most recent appearance. The Rams almost (and probably should have) won 2 SBs this decade. So I’ll have to stick with Raiders for now.

  • PB

    My vote still goes to the Lions for the suckiest team in the NFL. Why? The reasons are numerous, but foremost is the lack of playoff appearances. Teams success is based on how they do in the playoffs. Sure, the regular season is important, but if you’re in the playoffs you’re expected to win. The Lions haven’t won a playoff game since Barry and Herman. At least the Rams and Raiders have had success in recent memory. Plus, the Lions have to now live in the post-Millen era, which could take decades to recover from. HIRE COWHER MANG!

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