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Friday, July 20th, 2018



Quite a display by the Yanks in game 1. It would have been funny to see Kyle Farnsworth blow it, but it was even better to see Derek Jeter dominate the game. And whether you love or hate the Yanks, if you’re a baseball fan you have to enjoy seeing a lineup like they have. A few observations…

–I thought Leyland’s hit and run attempt early in the game was a terrible call. Why put added pressure on your club? If Pudge gets a hit there, they get the early lead, a chance for a big inning and put their foot on the throat of the Yanks. Instead they ran themselves out of the inning.

I know Pudge historically hits into a lot of double plays. But so what? This is a team that has lost 5 straight heading into the playoffs, losing the division that they held for almost the entire season. They needed something to pump them up. And Leyland took that away.

The Yankees dominated offensively, but it’s an entirly different story when you are hitting from behind. Ask the Tigers.

–Favorite McCarverism: “The 3rd base coach is almost like an offensive coordinator in football because he becomes part of the play on the field.”

I remember when Ron Turner threw that awesome block in the Bears’ big win over Seattle on Sunday. Whuh? Yes, a 3rd base coach is part of the play, but I’ll need someone to explain how he is like an offensive coordinator. He’s more like a QB coach. He gets the plays and relays them to the players.

I did think it was rather funny when McCarver was talking about Yogi and quoted his Aflac commercial when talking about Yogi’s health woes. And Joe Buck is still talking. Dude–take a breath and let us just sop up the atmosphere.

–Here’s what you need to know about Derek Jeter. In his 2nd at-bat he was behind with an 0-2 count, worked it to 3-2 and then doubled and eventually scored. That at-bat should be shown to every Cubs player. And while his defense is maligned, he made a great play to start a double play in the 3rd that ended the Tigers inning.

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  • http://thearmchairquarterback.blogspot.com/ Mike (The Armchair QB)

    With all the HR power that comes to the plate when you play the Yankees it’s really not fair that the guy who will probably kill you the most is a guy who specializes in singles and doubles. But he just keeps hitting them when it counts.

  • http://courtjester.livejournal.com Mike O’Donnell

    Jeter and Cano – both 2 hole hitters. Cano has the potential to hit third.

    Abreu, Sheffield, and Rodriguez (most of the time)- 3 hole hitters

    Matsui – 3, 4, 5, 6 hole hitter, depending on the type of lineup you have

    Posada – great 6-7 hitter, could even hit 5

    Giambi, power anywhere, but that ball he hit out was courtesy of the roids. He did get good wood on it by getting his hands through the zone, but that should have been a long fly ball, straight up like it was. But a good 5-7 hitter regardless.

    And Damon leads off.

    Yes I hate the Yankees. Yes I loathe their fans. But yes, Zoner, I do love to watch this lineup.

    Just plain scary.

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