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Tuesday, August 14th, 2018

You Don’t Want Warren Sapp As Your Coach


Warren Sapp

They were talking about Tony Romo and his golf game on NFL Network’s “Total Access”. Here’s some of the chatter:

Rich Eisen: “The back end of mini-camp would have coincided with the US Open. You have a problem with (Romo) playing golf in May?”

Warren Sapp
: “I have a problem with the quarterback of my franchise having something to do other than being the quarterback of the franchise…Don’t go over here where professional golfers are making their living and go in and dabble with that.”

“I just want my quarterback to be a quarterback. If you want to be Tiger Woods, then go be Tiger Woods or be Jim Furyk or any of those other golfers that you want to be…But if you’re gonna be a quarterback of America’s Team, then be that.”

Do you think Warren Sapp spent his offseasons consumed by working on his pass-rushing techniques? Conditioning? Studying opposing offenses and O-linemen? Doubtful.

Golf is the great escape. Let Romo get his time away from the Dallas Cowboys circus for just a bit. He needs it. And he’s also human. I’m not even a fan of Romo. But he can’t golf in May? Ridiculous.

  • HFH

    I kidna of agree with what Sapp is preaching. He wants Romo, who has a history of being distracted with stuff off the field, to focus on football and try to be the best quarterback in the league

  • Clay

    What’s not mentioned is that Romo has spent time conditioning and practicing with Roy Williams. Just because he enjoys playing some golf over the summer doesn’t mean he puts off football. Golf doesn’t consume all his free time. Sapp is being ridiculous. You need players to ENJOY what they do. The game shouldn’t feel like a job…the second it does is the second players start sucking it up and not caring.

  • MP

    im pretty sure sapp has the most sacks for a DT

  • Donkeyballs

    Uhhh…You’re wrong, Clay. Being an NFL player IS a job, and one that pays ALOT of money. Pro Football is big business. Owners write fat checks and fans pay hard earned money to see their teams perform. Teams don’t “have fun” laughing and frolicking their way to the Super Bowl. It takes hard work and dedication. Romo needs to put down the golf clubs and focus on the coming season. Though, I could care less if he does because I hate the cowboys.

  • dhaab

    Seriously? So you actually believe an NFL player can’t play some golf in the off season and still be a great football player?

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