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You’ll Say It, But I Really Was At Buehrle’s Perfect Game
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Monday, July 23rd, 2018

You’ll Say It, But I Really Was At Buehrle’s Perfect Game


Mark Buehrle Perfect Game Ticket

You got it man. I was there. I was able to enjoy Mark Buehrle’s perfect game live and in person. And I can admit one thing: when it was 3-1 to Fields with the bages packed, I said to my buddy, “I sure hope he takes here.” Oops. Fields crushed the next pitch for a grand slam. I did almost call the time though. I was off by 13 minutes:


It was the 5th inning before we started talking about it. And I have to say that I didn’t think it was going to happen. Buehrle already had a no-hitter in 2007 and the Rays have a lot of good hitters in their lineup.

By far the most exciting play of the game was Wise’s catch. Guillen had just put him into the game as a defensive sub. I think you can say that was a good move by Ozzie, huh?

That was just insane. As it came off the bat I was sure it was gone and that what would have been a historical game was now just a very good win.

We hung around for a while after the game, exchanged high-fives and fist bumps with other fans, hooted and hollered and soaked it in. As I waited on the ramp for my friend who was taking a post-game wizz, it was cool to watch all the fans leaving the park and their different expressions. My favorite was the guy with the goofy grin on his face who just kept shaking his head. Because I was doing the same thing.

  • http://notqualifiedtocomment.com Stormin Norman

    Wow. That’s once in a lifetime. Enjoy it.

  • http://www.docksquadsports.com docksquad

    That is tight you were able to experience it. Good stuff man. As a Cubs fan it’s hard for me to say this, but that was a sick game by Buehrle and one of the best catches ever by Wise.

  • http://andcounting.adamkellogg.com Adam

    They said Buehrle was only on the mound for 31 minutes. I totally believe it. I had turned it on in the next room from where my computer was, because a buddy had tweeted “Buehrle perfect through six.” I got up, saw the Sox were up, and sat back at the computer.

    I read two emails, then saw another tweet, “Buehrle perfect through 7.” Seriously, the inning couldn’t have been but two minutes long. The guy was on fire.

  • http://www.timellsworth.com Tim

    Congrats, Zoner. What a privilege to see it in person.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Thanks guys. It was a privilege indeed.

    I leaned over and told my friend in the 5th inning that it felt like we were there for only 10 minutes.

    I had seen a one-hitter before in ’97 when Alex Fernandez did it to the Cubs when he was a Marlin. Man, I loved me some Alex Fernandez.

  • shocker.

    I still don’t believe you. Post your credit card, picture ID and receipt. Then I’ll believe you.

    Kidding of course, but that’s awesome being there. So many people probably blew off the game, because it was a Thursday afternoon against the Rays. Can you imagine how they must feel?

    I was there doing some fan reaction reporting after the game, and people seemed like they were in shock or something. I think it went so fast it hadn’t hit them yet. Once in a lifetime event, cool you could be a part of it!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    “I think it went so fast it hadn’t hit them yet.” Agreed. It was like, is this really happening? And then Will Ferrell said– That just happened! And he hugged Mark Buehrle

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