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Your New Cubs Lineup
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Monday, July 23rd, 2018

Your New Cubs Lineup


100_chicago-cubs-logo1Just watched the Cubs smash 2 homers in bottom of the first. DLee is raking and hitting for power again. So call it spitballin’ or call it a whim. But here is a way — at least to try for a spell — to get Soriano and Bradley out of their funks. Here is your new Cubs lineup once A Ram is back in action:

  1. RF Bradley
  2. CF Fukudome
  3. 1B Lee
  4. 3B Ramirez
  5. LF Soriano
  6. C Soto
  7. SS Theriot
  8. 2B Blanco/Fontenot

Bradley will get on base, there is no denying that. With A Ram back Soriano moves into a non-pressure spot in the lineup. I think they should try it for a little while. Against lefties you flip Theriot and Fukudome.

What do you think Cubs Nation??

  • http://detroit4lyfe.com Bob

    Gosh I hope this boosts Soriano’s average… he has been killing my fantasy team.

  • http://thefriendlyblogfines.com Matt Clapp

    I like the lineup, except for Soriano hitting 5th. He just can’t hit with runners on.

    Leading off an inning this year:
    .263, 6 HR, .749 OPS

    None on:
    .244, 9 HR, .731 OPS

    Runners on:
    .193, 5 HR, .687 OPS

    Runners in scoring position:
    .164, 2 HR, .628 OPS

  • http://zonersports.com Zoner

    I like him wedged A Ram and Soto– that would alter things I think.

  • dhaab

    When are you going to give it up about Soriano? He doesn’t want to hit anywhere but leadoff. Accept it and move on.

    Oh, and Matt Clapp is making your rantings look stupid. :)

  • http://zonersports.com Zoner

    His numbers aren’t good anywhere. The whole concept that a player — especially a star player — can only hit in one spot in the lineup is ridiculous.

  • http://Wgntv.com/leshock shocker.

    You forgot the Savior!! Sam Fuld! Here is a corrected lineup:

    1. Sam Fuld CF (Because he’s Cubs Nation’s new D-Ro and Fukudome should be grabbing bench)
    2. Theriot 2B
    3. DLEE 1B
    4. ARAM 3B
    5. Soto C
    6. Soriano LF
    7. Bradley RF (Gotta put thos 10 million smackers and 17 RBI somewhere!)
    8. Fontenot 2B (until Hendry acquires Freddy Sanchez from AAAA Pittsburgh Pirates)
    9. Unsupported starting pitcher


  • http://Wgntv.com/leshock shocker.

    Of course I meant Theriot at SS. My bad. I really made a Fuld of myself there!

  • Schmidty

    Hmmm…I like the thought process but I really don’t like Bradley setting the tone of the game with one of his “I’m gonna be lazy down the line because I only hit a grounder to short” ABs.

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