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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017



The Giants have inked a seven-year, $126 million deal with Barry Zito.

ESPN’s Rob Neyer:

The only thing this deal does is make the Giants look ridiculous. Granted, Zito’s ERA will get a boost from the National League and the Giants’ home ballpark. And this one isn’t as dumb as the Mike Hampton deal with the Rockies. But based on the facts at hand, this looks to me like one of the dumber free-agent signings ever. Zito just isn’t very good. And if he’s worth $18 million per season, Santana’s worth $25 million.

Zito’s good. Zito’s durable. But he’s not worth 18 million a year. All these years the Giants needed pitching and now they go get it when Bonds is a 40+ year old with no knees?

And the price for the Cubs to retain Carlos Zambrano just went up. I have a hard time seeing how Zambrano’s agent won’t start the conversation at 7 years, $150 million.

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  • PV

    That Ted Lilly deal looks pretty good now, huh? I mean, it’ll be interesting to compare his performance with Zito over the next 4 years – I predict their numbers will be closer than the 80% difference in salary.

    I hadn’t though of the impact for Zambrano, but you’re right on. Yikes.

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