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Thursday, July 19th, 2018



We love voting. And while I’ve seen numerous sports blog contests before, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one about this: Best Sports Blog Name.

A great blog name may not be indicative of great design, great content or great writing, though often they are. But these folks definitely came up with great names and we should reward them. You want to crown them? Yeah, I do.

What will they win? They will win the honor of being the first ever Zoner Sports “Best Sports Blog Name” Contest champion. They can put a little picture on their sidebar that states they are the glorious winner. It will not garner them an increase in advertising or traffic or cred. But they will be champs. And all of sports blogdom will bow down. For like 10 or 15 seconds. Until they move on…to read the next list or contest.

We have 48 blogs in this tourney. Did I miss one? Did I miss yours? Sorry. I scoured BallHype, Yardbarker and countless blogrolls to find what I think are the most clever and/or coolest titles. If I didn’t include one, maybe next year. Since 48 will eventually bring us to 3 names, I’ll take the highest vote getter in the previous round to make a Final Four. How did I come up with the seeds? Arbitrarily. But if your favorite is good enough to win, it will advance.

The regions are named after former Chicago players that had great names.

Without further ado…I present Round 1 of the Zoner Sports Best Sports Blog Name Contest.

Voting for Round 1 ends Sunday night at 11:59pm.

Granville Waiters Region

#1 Drunk Jays Fans vs. #12 Ducksnorts

#2 Sons of Steve Garvey vs. #11 Third Quarter Collapse

#3 The Wayne Fontes Experience vs. #10 Empty the Bench

#4 Every Day Should Be Saturday vs. #9 The Puns Are Starting To Bore Me

#5 The Legend of Cecilio Guante vs. #8 Pete Marasmitch

#6 Bear Goggles vs. #7 Blog Down, Chicago Bears

Rocky Biddle Region

#1 Hugging Harold Reynolds vs. #12 Not Qualified To Comment

#2 3:10 To Joba vs. #11 I Dislike Your Favorite Team

#3 Five Tool Tool vs. #10 Just Blog Baby

#4 Garbage Time All-Stars vs. #9 Shutdown Corner

#5 Stanley Cup of Chowder vs. #8 Losers With Socks

#6 And One vs. #7 The Hater Nation

Sweetbreads Bailey Region

#1 Pittsburgh Sports and Mini-Ponies vs. #12 Both Teams Played Hard

#2 Five Ounces of Pain vs. #11 A Stern Warning

#3 Need 4 Sheed vs. #10 The Sports Hernia

#4 Pacman Jonesin’ vs. #9 Can’t Stop the Bleeding

#5 Hire Jim Essian vs. #8 We Should Be GMs

#6 Hardwood Paroxysm vs. #7 Ball Don’t Lie

Ronnie Bull Region

#1 Tremendous Upside Potential vs. #12 Sports Rubbish

#2 Kissing Suzy Kolber vs. #11 Hardwood Houdini

#3 Sharapova’s Thigh vs. #10 Deuce of Davenport

#4 Tirico Suave vs. #9 Free Darko

#5 Pippen Ain’t Easy vs. #8 You Got Dunked On

#6 Mr. Irrelevant vs. #7 Kornheiser’s Cartel

Vote until Sunday night and then Monday we move to the top 24. Thanks for voting!

  • http://www.emptythebench.com Mr. Thell

    We’re going to run away with the Granville Waiters Region!

  • http://www.waitingfornextyear.com Scott @ WFNY

    Wow. Waiting For Next Year snubbed in a name tourney?

  • http://pabaseball.blogspot.com GM-Carson

    We Should Be GM’s is proud to be in the tourney, and we’re gunnin’ for the victory!

  • http://waynefontes.com/ Big Al

    Not if TWFE has anything to say about it, Mr. Thell!

  • http://www.twobigboobs.wordpress.com JRod

    Can we at Two Big Boobs get into some sort of NIT tourney for best sports blog name?

  • Keevo

    no Thoughts From the Jockstrap?

    and no Two Big Boobs?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    I never heard of Two Big Boobs until now. Honestly though, I wouldn’t have included it anyway.

  • http://www.twobigboobs.wordpress.com JRod

    I’m sorry you feel that way Zoner.

  • http://www.masshysteriasports.com GHABB,Y

    I told them a thousand times that I wanted to name the site “Lindacohnsmeatcurtains.com,” but my co-editors went with Mass Hysteria instead, and look who didnt qualify. See kids? When in doubt, reference hanging labia in your URL.

  • http://girlsdontknowsports.blogspot.com Meghan

    Girls Don’t Know Sports gets not love. If there was an NIT I would pull a Maryland and refuse to show up for the game.

  • http://www.globalsportsfraternity.com Henry

    I predict The Global Sports Fraternity to take down Girls Don’t Know Sports in a first round NIT upset that will propel the GSF to the glory that is the NIT championship defeating Ladies… in the finals.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    From the post (has anybody read this part??): “We have 48 blogs in this tourney. Did I miss one? Did I miss yours? Sorry. I scoured BallHype, Yardbarker and countless blogrolls to find what I think are the most clever and/or coolest titles. If I didn’t include one, maybe next year.”

  • http://www.freecheezeburgerz.com Freecheezeburgerz

    I’m with Scott.
    “Waiting For Next Year” pretty much explains an entire city…..

  • dhaab

    I love the name “Two Big Boobs”. Why are you such a prude, Zoner? ;)

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Waiting For Next Year will have to…Wait for next year. Certainly nothing personal–I’m a fan of the site!

  • http://www.asternwarning.com mookie

    A Stern Warning is very proud to get a mention! All votes are gleefully accepted… and if you don’t vote for us, well, you’ve been warned!

  • http://girlsdontknowsports.blogspot.com Meghan

    I think the Name Tourney is a great idea. Maybe next year I’ll have more than 6 readers and you’ll have heard of my blog. You had to be ready for any bubble blogs to bitch about it. We are sports bloggers. It’s what we do.

  • http://deadcatsbounce.blogspot.com Gomez

    Five Tool Tool FOR GREAT JUSTICE!

    (And hopefully, my blog gains enough steam to warrant consideration next year.)

  • http://www.twobigboobs.wordpress.com JRod

    and no Two Big Boobs?

    I love the name “Two Big Boobs”. Why are you such a prude, Zoner?

    Sounds like a ringing endorsement for a spot next year ;)

  • Big D

    Great post, Zoner. I’m going to google “Two Big Boobs” now. Sounds like fun for the whole family. :)

  • http://www.bigleaguestew.com ‘Duk

    I’d decry the omission of Big League Stew in this comment space, but I’m more shocked that you left out Luol’s Dong.

  • http://thelionsinwinter.blogspot.com Ty @ The Lions in Winter

    Big fan of The Wayne Fontes Experience . . . “Pippen Ain’t Easy” is going to shock the world, though.

    Ty @ The Lions in Winter

  • Josh

    and how could you have forgotten the Goat Riders of the Apocalypse?

  • Chris P

    They all suck

  • SR

    Because Goat Riders of the Apocalypse blows on a level of suck only outdone by Bleed Cubbie Blue.
    Hire Jim Essian is the best name on this list.

  • http://www.blogdownchicagobears.com Orton’s Lazy Eye

    I’m just glad to be here.

  • Danial

    Melrose’s Mullet should definitely be on this bracket. How did that not qualify? Straight up Bushleague

  • sam jackson jr

    wait, hold up:

    sons of steve garvey? rips off sons of sam horn

    and no contest could be complete without the genius surviving grady website

  • http://www.bearsbacker.com Jake Perper

    why not my blog Bears Backer

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Here are your answers:

    Because Bears Backer isn’t really all that clever.

    Is Sons of Sam Horn even a blog? i thought it was a message board.

    Mad respect for Surviving Grady, but didn’t include it. Sorry.

    Never heard of Melrose’s Mullet.

    I guess 2 things have really been reinforced by this tourney. One, people really take this stuff seriously and two, nobody can piss and moan like sports bloggers.

  • http://www.blogdownchicagobears.com Blog Down, Chicago Bears

    Why not my blog, Spooning Trey Wingo? I kid, I kid.

  • http://www.smokingwithhank.wordpress.com Smoking With Hank

    Dont Worry, we all know that my blog, although just starting is already on a Gonzaga in 1999 like fast track to hearts of millions of americans who stare at a computer screen. With some pimping from SI’s Hot Clicks I know Im ready to make a run for next year.

    Come on everyone and Bum a smoke from Hank Steinbrenner

  • http://njfrogman.blogspot.com/2009/03/amazon-couponless-savings-get-your.html BobsBlitz

    What about bob.

  • http://www.dancingwitherinandrews.blogspot.com DWEA

    I know we literally just started, but maybe next year we’ll get some consideration. Dancing With Erin Andrews.

  • Corey

    I’ve never heard of most of these blogs.

  • http://aroundtheleague.com aroundtheleague.com

    ……that was very interesting? although not sure exactly what i voted for??

  • http://www.legendofcecilioguante.com Cecilio’s Scribe

    thanks for the shout-out. we hope to survive and advance…

  • http://with-malice.com/ Don (with malice)

    What the f**k?

    No mention? Guess I’m getting old…

    Nice work, bit o’ fun & I bet your hits spiked!

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Sorry bro. I bet you’ll run away with the best banner design though!

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