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Wednesday, June 20th, 2018



Yes, it’s that time again. I’m giving you a sneak peek at what’s hot on the new fall TV schedule. Let’s Begin.

Do Your Homework, Hoss” (CBS-Sitcom)

He looks like an unassuming college student. A middle-aged man heading back to school to learn new skills for a career change. But he’s not. He’s former Super Bowl champion QB Jeff Hostetler. And he majoring in partying! It’s 3rd down and wacky hijinks to go–this fall on CBS!

Sponsored by University of Phoenix.

“So You Think You Can Coach?” (Fox-Reality)

Fox is taking it to the sandlots and schoolyards with some the worst coaches in NFL history. There they will lead teams of kids (likely miscreants or latchkey) to determine who is the best coach of the group. Participants include: Rich Kotite, Dave Wannstedt, Ray Handley, Vince Tobin and Cam Cameron. Winner receives a Six-digit contract to coach in the Arena league. (It’s really four numbers, then a decimal, then two numbers–but don’t tell them.)

“Dick Vitale’s Yodler Soundoff” (ESPN News-Gameshow)

You know his passion for college buckets. But did you know Dick Vitale almost went pro as a yodler? It’s making sense to you now that we’ve mentioned it, right? The sing-songy rhythms, the patented delivery, the forceful yet poetic analysis. With the demise of the WYYL (World Yodler’s Yodling League), Vitale and ESPN News step in to create a new gameshow with some of the league’s top yodlers. Is it gonna be “awesome, baby”? Pfft. No doubt.

“Under Six Feet” (ESPN3-Reality)

Cinema verite at its finest as ESPN3 gives viewers all access into the Men’s 6 Ft. & Under League in Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Gripping stories about real life–and real issues. After 5’9”, 245lb Stanley Rodenburg twists his ankle in the season opener– who will protect the paint for the undefeated “Charlie’s Pharmacy and Movie Rentals”? 30 Rock’s Tracy Morgan narrates.

“Unhappily Ever After” (BET-Talkshow)

Join Detroit Tiger Gary Sheffield every weekday for a half-hour of pissing and moaning.

“I Fight Brad Daugherty (Brad Daugherty Always Wins)” (Spike-Reality)

Follow former Cavs center Brad Daugherty as he takes on all comers in this new series from Spike. Daugherty traded the hardcourt for the cage after his NBA career ended. Now, his former teammates come to cheer him on each week as he battles opponents looking to win the grand prize. Special guests: Larry Nance, Gerald Wilkins and Craig Ehlo.

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  • http://www.tremendousupsidepotential.com Rickhouse

    How about a reality show where Devin Hester has to solve simple math equations to earn prizes like stuffed animals and candy?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Ouch. Nicely played…

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