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Thursday, August 16th, 2018



Opening Day is here. Rejoice! On to the morsels…

MMA is the ultimate physical chess match, to quote UFC fighter Rich Franklin. But there are times where fighters bleed and get hurt. Here are the 7 worst MMA facial rearrangements & bloodbaths, courtesy of MMA Root.

Den of Geek has 38 movie remakes in the works that you may have not have known about. There are some I wish I didn’t. I’m no film snob, but is there nothing sacred? Meatballs? Straw Dogs? The BIrds? Are you kidding me? Someone has the audacity to remake The Birds? And why do we need remakes of Short Circuit? Friday the 13th? Nightmare on Elm Street? Hollywood, go get some ideas or go buy some.

Now here is something original. Check out the trailer for “Tropic Thunder” with Stiller, Black and Downey Jr. Looks hilarious.

Mark Bradley is ready to rock the #1 receiver spot for the Bears. I’ve always liked Bradley. I’ve said before that if he doesn’t get hurt we never really see Bernard Berrian play. But a #1? How about a modest goal of playing in 16 games first?

And finally, if your team gets off to a really slow start, just head over here to check out the top free agents available after the season. Mmmm, Adam Dunn at the Cell. He’d hit 55, I tell ya!

  • dhaab

    How would you know if Bradley is any good? He’s played like 10 games his entire career.

    And if Dunn gets signed by the White Sox, they’ll set some sort of record by having 4 designated hitters on one roster.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    They need better reading and comprehension teachers in Florissant.

  • dhaab

    Well, I was asking how you could get any sort of read on Bradley as he’s played so sparingly that it would be tough for anyone to really know if he can play well in the NFL. And Florissant has fine teachers, thank you.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    When he has been healthy, Bradley has played well. and I like what I have seen. His skill set is also very good. He’s Bernard Berrian with size. He’s had flashes of brilliance from time to time.

  • dhaab

    When? I don’t remember seeing him have any great games for the Bears.

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