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Sunday, June 24th, 2018



The American League leading Chicago White Sox? Yeah they are. To the morsels…

Seamheads has compiled a list of the “Best of the Worst of Baseball Prospectus“. It’s great stuff. Like: Jason Kendall, 2005. “He should profit from seeing his catching workload decrease to 120 games behind the plate while soaking up some DH at-bats, which might prolong his career to the point where he’ll be a serious Hall of Fame candidate.” Swing and a miss there.

Finally! We will hit 70 degrees here in Chicago this week. Gonna hit me some golf balls. Check out WikiVid’s golf page. Tons of videos on mechanics, pitching, chipping and more.

Paul Sullivan of the Trib has a piece today quoting players that try to exonerate Dusty Baker from any of the Cubs woes. But these players aren’t stupid. They know how Dusty is with loyalty and when they are 38 and want one more juicy paycheck they can call him and maybe even start. So I take all of it with a grain of salt.

Should the league be taking the Royals seriously? They are 7-5 with young studs like Alex Gordon and Billy Butler. If the season ended today Zack Greinke and Brian Bannister would be fighting for the Cy Young. Nice to see them off to a good start. Until they play the Sox at least.

Looks like you can put a number on how bad Isiah Thomas has been– $187 million and counting.

AOL has the most “Awesomely Bad MLB Facial Hair“. Yeah, Bobby Jenks. It’s bad.

And finally, I said during the hot stove season that I believed Bonds would indeed play this season, but that teams were wise to skip all the hubbub that would have ensued during spring training. Baseball Mastermind looks at who might man-up and sign him.

  • dhaab

    “If the season ended today”???? Are you serious? You’re sounding more like Len Kaspar by the day, my friend. So, if the season consisted of two or three starts, these two young pitchers would be Cy Young candidates… scary how you Cubs fans think sometimes.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    No I’m obviously not serious. duh.

  • dhaab

    How is it obvious that you were joking? It doesn’t read that way at all.

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