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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



Straight to the morsels…

Mark Grudzielanek
had 4 more hits Thursday night and is now just 5 hits shy of 2000 for his career. I would have never guessed he was that close to a very impressive milestone. Good ol’ Gruds is hitting .313 for the year and will likely find himself in a pennant race before the month is up.

Keith Law looks at some the odd selections for this year’s All-Star game. Varitek over A.J.? That’s just a crime.

Apparently we are all soft here in Chicago. So says CBS Sports’ Gregg Doyel in his column about how Chicagoans would embrace Brett Favre if he were to comeback and become a Bear. A big topic to discuss because it’s so likely to happen. Or not. Until fans become the GMs and determine rosters by internet voting, what choice do I have if a Jim Edmonds or Ben Wallace comes over to our side? Of course I’m going to cheer for them.

Why is it we don’t like the Edmonds, the Ben Wallaces and the Favres? Begrudging respect. They kill our teams and we wish we had them on our side. Same with A.J. He was the biggest pain in Sox fans’ rears when he was a Twin. Now he’s one of the most liked Sox players.

“The days are filled with worry, with nerves, with desperation, because you can’t talk to your family, you can’t talk to anyone. You can’t tell anyone anything.” That comes from the remarkable story of how Atlanta Brave Yunel Escobar and 4 other Cuba players defected to the United States. A must-read.

And we close with “Revenge of the Skateboard“. Mint.

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  • dhaab

    Typical Keith Law. He’s nothing but a former front office guy (see Steve Phillips) who doesn’t have much insight, so he writes for ESPN instead of actually working in the league. And he seems to have a disproportionate amount of dislike for the Cardinals. I remember him being the writer who said the Tigers would win the ’06 Series in 3 games. Oops!

    In the NL, as much as I like Soto, he shouldn’t be starting over McCann. And Fukodome is fun to watch, but there’s many NL OF’s having better seasons than he is. And Soriano is hurt and basically played about 6 weeks in the 1st half. This isn’t to rip on just the Cubs either. I just think many of their fans stuff the boxes because they seem to be obsessed by All-Star games.

    In the AL, AJ was the obvious pick at catcher. Varitek is having a horrible year. How the players could leave him AND Jermaine Dye off the team is anyone’s guess. And then on top of that, Francona doesn’t pick Danks or Floyd. Unreal. I think he may regret that decision come playoff time, though.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    The Cubs players had the benefit of all the Fukudome fans voting for them. There is no way he should be starting and probably shouldn’t be on the team over Pat Burrell, who I think got totally jobbed.

    Soto and McCann have almost equal numbers, but McCann has more of a track record. Again, Soto benefits from being on the Cubs when they are having a good year and the Fukudome voters.

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