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Thursday, June 21st, 2018



The (mostly) Illini edition. To the morsels…

I had no idea. The Mendenhall brothers were not all that happy playing for Coach Ron Zook. Recall that they were recruited by Ron Turner. Walter is headed to ISU to play for the Redbirds.

Mendenhall did not cite specific reasons for the brothers’ disappointment. “It’s just how things were run overall,” he said. “I’m not mad. There’s no hard feelings. That’s just how it was.”

J.A. Adande has a great story about Dee Brown and Deron Williams.

Here’s a first for me: a player getting his jersey retired. His summer league jersey.

Some good news for Cubs fans: Chris Carpenter has deemed himself not ready for the bigs. This is after he threw 4 shutout innings in AA. “But for me, anyway, with that command (Sunday), I’m not on any fast track. I need to get better.”

Pro Football Free Agency has a look at the top 10 players that could be traded between now and week 6 in the NFL.

And finally, a list of things for those that take life too seriously.

Oh wait. Kerry Wood. DL. Yada, yada.

  • dhaab

    The Mendenhall stuff is old news and has been going on ever since Zook was hired. Rashard was pissed that Zook didn’t want his brother playing on the team. Furthermore, he didn’t get along very well with Zook even when he was playing at U of I because he wasn’t the starting RB his sophomore year. And the reasons he wasn’t starting was because he needed to learn how to become more dedicated to working out and also not fumbling the football. When he improved in those areas, he started playing more and became a great RB. It’s pretty sad that he still holds a grudge, though. I think Zook helped make him a much better RB than he maybe would have been for a different head coach.

    As for my Cards, I think Carpenter will be in the starting rotation within 2 or 3 weeks, barring any injury, of course. The starting staff is too thin now, so they’ll take him even if he isn’t as perfect as he ultimately wants to be. Also, hopefully Wainwright will be starting again in the next few weeks as well. The only hope the Cardinals have of being successful in the playoffs (if they even get there), is if those two come back healthy and can contribute. Oh, and a trade for a solid lefty reliever would be great too. :)

    Good piece about Dee Brown. As a lifetime Illini fan, I hope to see him coaching the Illini basketball team very soon. He will be an amazing recruiter for them. The guy just drips with charisma.

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