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Sunday, May 27th, 2018



Arizona. At home. And the Vikings get out to a 28-0 lead and win 35-14? Tarvaris Jackson throws 4 TD passes? Did he surpass his career total? To the morsels…

They’re playing “If the Season Ended Today” over at NFL.com. They have a very cool interactive page where you can roll over each team to see what games they have left, and they also have a playoff grid all set. The first round games look to be a bit of a bore, but Ravens/Jets seems exciting to me.

Past the Pylon looks at what has become the year of the prima donna wide receiver.

Harvey Araton and the NYT have a heartbreaking story about Rodney Rogers. Rogers is a guy I always enjoyed watching play basketball, both in college and the pros.

Look who was featured in “10 Questions” over at Cuzoogle!

No Guts, No Glory has the 7 most depressing place to be a sports fan.

Check out the new game: Budget Hero.

And finally, in this video Cowboy Chris just goes off on Ed Werder as he tries to post a report for ESPN. The cameraman takes exception and there is a confrontation. Hilarity ensues. There is some language, mostly from the ESPN cameraman. I wonder if he still works there.

  • dhaab

    Two things:

    1)Just accept the fact that you won’t be watching your team in the playoffs this year because the Vikings are superior to your Bears.

    2) ESPN and Ed Werder’s umpteen million reports is absolutely mind numbing. If I ever started my own sports network to go up against ESPN, my sports casts would never do reports on the Cowboys.

  • dhaab

    One more thing….why are those 1st round playoff games boring????
    I think those are some interesting matchups.
    Could it be that you’re just bitter because your beloved Bears won’t be there?

  • Joe LoCascio

    Fuuny stuff. After the game last night Andrea Kramer interviewed TO, Witten and Romo all standing there together. TO says “It was a lack of professionalism on Ed Werders part.” They were all laughing. I am getting a little sick of ESPN. Monday Night telecast sucks. Give me Al and John any day of the week. Maybe Ed Werder can tell us the next time TO takes a leak.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    The Bears still have a chance, albeit a slim one. I still think the Bears will win the last 2 games. Only a handful of teams have missed the playoffs going 10-6. Let’s see what happens.

    As far as the Vikings being superior? Nonsense. All the NFC teams are bunched into one big ball of “okay”. Anything can happen.

  • dhaab

    Kool-Aid must taste good this time of the year. Nice and frosty. :)
    I think the Bears will lose their final 2 games. In fact, I’ll even say the Texans will beat them by at least 10 points in week 16.

    Joe, I actually said the exact same thing a few weeks ago about ESPN reporting when TO takes a piss. LOL

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Just let me love the Bears!

  • dhaab


    Oh, I know you won’t let a pathetic little Rams fan like me stop you. ;)

    You know, it’s really interesting how the NFC has evolved this season. The Eagles are a perfect example of their conference’s instability. They started out really well and then had some tough close losses and then started playing poorly. Right when people started writing them off, they break off a 3 game winning streak and look very good doing it. On the other hand, the Giants looked like they could kill anyone the first 12 weeks, now they aren’t playing well. Ya never know in the NFL.

    So basically, what I’m saying is I can relate to you when you say the league is up in the air. Still, for me, the single biggest factor that differentiates the great teams from the merely good is the “star” factor. Simply put, the Bears just don’t have the “star” factor going their way.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Can’t argue with that. Which is why I can see the Cowboys winning the NFC.

  • PB

    Camera dude handled that all wrong. I’m amazed that the tough guy didn’t take a swing at Cowboy Chris. Classic ownage! FIRE MORONELLI MANG!!!!!!!!1

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