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Monday, July 16th, 2018



Hey, it’s the premiere of “Monsters in the Morning” today. I’ll be checking it out and I’ll have a review later. Speaking of sports talk…to the morsels.

Hire Jim Essian wants to know if you had to choose, would it be ESPN 1000 or The Score?

Once killed a man with a tridentSports Couch Potato has news on a brewing battle between DirecTV and Comcast. Spud reports that, “DirecTV says Comcast wants fee increases of between 25-40% to carry two of its regional sports networks and is prepared to go to court.” I say we go down there with bats, torches and Brick Tamland’s trident. I rid myself of the Comcast virus over a year ago. I have had no problems with Dish and I love it. My only need now is the MLB Network, which I hope Dish will get soon.

Forget OBP. So says Andre Dawson, and Ken Rosenthal agrees. Dawson is a tough one when it comes to the Hall.

Sabernomics: C’mon Braves, at least be honest about the Smoltz deal.

Mike Tyson was reffing a MMA fight for the WCFC. Luckily it didn’t last too long as he had no idea what he was doing. This video looks to be about 75 pounds ago.

  • dhaab

    Sports talk radio is only something I can take in very small doses. Having said that, I think the Score is abysmal. ESPN radio is slightly better, but still not all that good.

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