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Thursday, August 16th, 2018



Have you seen the hubbub about the new Yankees book by SI’s Tom Verducci? From the NY Post: “Scorned skipper Joe Torre is blasting the Yankees – calling many of his former players prima donnas, confessing he stopped trusting the powers that be years before he left the team and charging that general manager Brian Cashman betrayed him.” Yet Torre still wanted to manage the Yankees? Why?

Vote for “Dunk of the Week” over at You Got Dunked On. My vote goes to Tyrus Thomas for his massive jam on Jermaine O’ Neal:

More morsels and video right after the jump!

The Bulls have lost 5 straight. Friday’s game was particularly brutal. They were down 93-90 with about 4 minutes to go and ended up losing 114-94. Then Sunday night they lost to the T’Wolves in OT, after entering the 4th quarter with the lead. Sigh.

One good thing from last night’s game: Joakim Noah played like he did when he was at Florida. Noah blocked 7 shots and added 14 points on 7-10 shooting. He had 10 boards, 6 of them on the offensive glass. He also had 3 assists. He was running the floor like he did in Florida–and he was rewarded for it. On one sequence he blocked a shot and immediately sprinted the length of the court on the break. He got the ball back and jammed it. THIS is why I wanted the Bulls to draft him. More, please?

Peter Vescey reports that “Chicago’s correspondents get the distinct feeling Vinny Del Negro may be the NBA’s eighth head coach to get vaporized. I’m hearing Bulls managing partner Jerry Reinsdorf may soon varnish GM John Paxson.” He also adds that A.I. is killing the Pistons. Hey, I was right about something.

And finally, here’s one way to get a flagrant foul: Face walking.

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