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Thursday, August 16th, 2018



My guy Phil Mickelson won on the PGA Tour this weekend! I know you don’t care about that though, so to the morsels…

DWade drops 50 on the Magic…and the Heat still lose. NESW Sports has the vid of all 50 points.

The Raiders have already spent about $60 million on 2 players in free agency. Al Davis thinks it was Lester Hayes and Ken Stabler, but it wasn’t. MoonDog has the breakdown.

My man JQP has a new Celtics joint called Hardwood Houdini. Today he celebrates the Remarkable Rajon Rondo.

Sports Rubbish has the video of snooker player Mark Selby getting served papers right before a big match. Guess if he won or lost.

Empty the Bench has a great breakdown of the Pistons’ 2009 failure. Anybody out there still like the Iverson deal? At least not for this year.

My Sports Rumors has an Oscar-style review of the NBA trade deadline. How about Thabo Sefolosha in “Doubt”? Like, I doubt he will be worth the 1st round pick the Thunder sent to the Bulls!

And finally, Jim Calhoun ain’t havin’ it. Hat tip to NQTC.

  • dhaab

    Dude, you’re killing me with your assumptions. I care about Mick and golf! I tivo’d that entire round yesterday and watched Couples, Stricker and Mickelson battle down the back nine. Why do you think nobody cares about golf?

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Well I know you do and you know I do. But most of the visitors here don’t care much about it. If I’m wrong people, please speak! I’d write more about it.

    And you know I’m left-handed and I also play like Phil. Bad Phil. I’m going to try and get a gig at a course this year.

  • Big D

    Yes, Zoner. More on the subject. Tiger is coming back and there are other good stories out there. Such as:

    Will Tiger be Tiger?
    Who will step up?
    Anything on John Daly (he’s a train wreck)
    Can Anthony Kim follow up on his Ryder Cup showing?

    The last time I played with you, you had a great Phil “flop shot”. Unfortunately, it was off the tee.

  • dhaab

    LOL Nice one, Big D!

    As for the golf content, I much prefer it to any of that MMA stuff. I couldn’t care less about people fighting each other.

  • Schmidty

    Agreed…I’d read the golf. MMA entries I just skip over. Understood that it’s a popular sport, but not my bag.

  • http://zonersports.com The Zoner

    Cool–thanks for the feedback!

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