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Monday, July 23rd, 2018



These morsels are approved by Richard Dunn.

Sully Baseball is looking at every MLB team and posting their All-Time Home Team and their All-Time Acquired Team. Then he tells you who would win. He recently posted the White Sox teams.

While you’ll still get Bulls thoughts here, a lot of what I think about the Bulls will be posted at a new site called “Pippen Ain’t Easy“. In my latest column there I let Bulls fans know: “Don’t Go Goo-Goo Over Ben Gordon“. If you’d like to contribute there, holler at me in an e-mail or the comments. I’m looking for writers.

Don Abato has taken his “MMA Ten” columns over to a real MMA site. Read his latest over at Chicago’s MMA.

Pacman Jones and Pros vs. Joes — what could go wrong? NQTC has the story.

Josh Q. Public thinks MJ is the Executive of the Year. And he wrote that before the game against the Knicks on Saturday, which they won to make it 6 straight. Their top 7 in the rotation is pretty solid, and they smoked the Bulls the other night.

Pretty cool site for Chicagoans: Chicago’s Best Blogs. Maybe Zoner Sports will be on there soon. (Insert don’t hold breath joke here.)

Speaking of Chicago blogs, after a short hiatus, Docksquad Sports is back. Check it out.

And finally, a cool site where you can see goalie masks from throughout the years. Looking at these I could hear Pat Foley yelling “Ranford!!”. They don’t have Bannerman though!!

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