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Sunday, July 22nd, 2018



We start the week with a moment to remember Don Knotts, who died this weekend. You could read a short novel by the time you finish reading his IMDB page. He was as unique an actor as we’ll ever see. Most will remember him from “The Andy Griffith Show”, and rightfully so, but as Ralph Furley he left me in stitches. “Open up, it’s R.F.!!!” He could make you laugh with a twitch of his face. His wife said in a statement on Saturday that, “He saw poignancy in people’s pride and pain and he turned it into something endearing and hilarious.” Indeed.

On to the morsels…

– This here is more of a huge bite than a morsel. Sox GM Kenny Williams absolutely goes off on Frank Thomas. The headline reads: “He’s an idiot”.

– MADtv’s Frank Caliendo on Letterman, doing his dead-on impressions of John Madden, Al Pacino and George Bush.

– The Green Lantern as Lumbergh. Superman as Peter. It’s the super hero version of “Office Space”.

– Take your music and create a ringtone from it for your phone. But get off the phone and drive.

– “MajorGeeks.com – Because deep down we are all geeks, except for you non-geeks.” A mass of free downloads for you computer fans. Or geeks.

– Thankfully the Olympics are over. I watched all of about 8 minutes of coverage. I guess I am a Summer Olympics guy. But if you haven’t been watching NBC’s regular programming, you’d do well to check out Scrubs, My Name is Earl and The Office. So funny.

– And finally, something to satiate your craving for good crime stories. Crime Magazine, an Encyclopedia of Crime.

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