More seats being added to stadium for Super Bowl

Nobody’s really sure what the attendance will be for this year’s Super Bowl in Arlington, Texas between the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers because they’re still trying to configure out the seating arrangement at Cowboys Stadium. While most of the seats are the usual 80,000 used for football, the NFL is trying to figure out standing room numbers as well as adding more seats.

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Workers are trying to expand the stadium each day to fit in more fans, perhaps as many as 15,000 of them. The stadium is already the largest indoor arena in the world and capacity will be over 100,000 for the game, but exact numbers can’t be predicted yet.

Temporary seats have been placed behind the stadiums’ 200-level sections, but fans sitting here won’t be able to see the giant TV screen. However, they will be able to see the field of play. There may also be some obstructed-view seats put on sale before the game and some of the temporary seats may even be removed before the game.

The idea is too have no obstructed view seats at all or as few as possible. The owner of a ticket agency called Golden Tickets, who is also National Association of Ticket Brokers president said he hasn’t seen an obstructed view seat for the past 22 years as said the NFL does an excellent job with its temporary seating structure. He added that the only complaints he usually gets are about the comfortability of the seats as they’re sometimes benches instead of padded seats. However, the temporary seats this year at Cowboys Stadium are the same as the permanent ones.

But some of the tickets for the big game are for standing room and aren’t actually even in the arena as about 5,000 fans will pay to watch the contest on video screens in an area called the Plaza Party, which is outside of the stadium. Some of the temporary seats will be fit in below, above and in between the arena’s permanent seats.

The standing room numbers will probably be limited to about 500 as the fans will have to stand on the oversized landings of stairs in the end zones. Standing room tickets will also be sold for some of the luxury suites. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones stated that he’d like to see an attendance record set for this Super Bowl, but the NFL says it’s not concerned about records, it just wants to let as many fans as possible witness the game live at the stadium.