The National Hockey League enjoys some time off

The National Hockey League is enjoying some time off, before the second half of the season begins tomorrow.

Both leagues have a bunch of competition, as ten teams look to have a chance to make the postseason out of the Eastern Conference. The Flyers, Lightning and Bruins are divisional leaders and hold the top three seeds. Following them, Pittsburgh, Washington, New York (Rangers), Montreal and Atlanta are in the mix. Carolina is just one point back of Atlanta, while Buffalo is six points.

In the Western Conference, there is five teams with 60+ points, starting with the Vancouver Canucks, followed by Detroit and Dallas. After that, Nashville and Anaheim sit at #4 and #5. After that, 9 teams are within 8 points, starting with Phoenix, and followed by Chicago and San Jose.

Colorado, Minnesota, Los Angeles, Calgary, St. Louis and Columbus are on the outside looking in, but with a mini streak, could be right in the mix.